STR-X6759N 数据手册 – Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulators

零件编号 : STR-X6759N


 Off-Line Quasi-Resonant Switching Regulators

制造商 : Sanken Electric co.,ltd.

Pakcage : TO-3P

图像 :

STR-X6759N Image


and Benefits
▪Quasi-resonant topology IC : Low EMI noise and soft switching
▪Bottom-skip mode : Improved system efficiency over the entire output load by avoiding increase of switching frequency
▪Standby mode : Lowers input power at very light output load condition

引脚图 :

STR-X6759N Datasheet


The STR-X6759N is a quasi-resonant topology IC designed for SMPS applications. It shows lower EMI noise characteristics than conventional PWM solutions, especially at greater than 2 MHz. It also provides a soft-switching mode to turn on the internal MOSFET at close to zero voltage (VDSbottom point) by use of the resonant characteristic of primary inductance and a resonant capacitor.

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