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零件编号 : MAX323

功能 : Precision, single-supply, SPST analog switch. / Single-Supply Operation (+2.7V to +16V)

制造商 : Maxim Integrated

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MAX323 datasheet


The MAX323/MAX324/MAX325 are precision, dual, SPST analog switches. They are single-supply devices designed to operate from +2.7V to +16V. The MAX323 has two normally open (NO) switches, and the MAX324 has two normally closed (NC) switches.

The MAX325 has one NO and one NC switch. Low power consumption (5µW) makes these parts ideal for battery-powered equipment. These switches offer low leakage currents (100pA max) and fast switching speeds (tON= 150ns max, tOFF= 100ns max).

When powered from a 5V supply, the MAX323 series offers 2Ωmax matching between channels, 60Ωmax on-resistance, and 6Ωmax RONflatness. These switches also offer 5pC max charge injection, and a minimum of 2000V ESD per Method 3015.7.

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