MAX202CPE 数据手册 PDF

零件编号 : MAX202CPE

功能 : +5V RS-232 transceiver with 0.1 microF external capacitors / MAX200-MAX209/MAX211/MAX213 transceivers

制造商 : Maxim Integrated

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MAX202CPE datasheet


The  MAX200–MAX209/MAX211/MAX213  transceivers are designed for RS-232 and V.28 communication interfaces where Q12V supplies are not available. On-board charge pumps convert the +5V input to the Q10V needed for  RS-232  output  levels.  The  MAX201  and  MAX209 operate from +5V and +12V, respectively, and contain a +12V to -12V charge-pump voltage converter.

The  MAX200–MAX209/MAX211/MAX213  drivers  and receivers  meet  all  EIA/TIA-232E  and  CCITT  V.28  specifications at a 20kbps data rate. The drivers maintain the Q5V  EIA/TIA-232E  output  signal  levels  at  data  rates  in excess of 120kbps when loaded in accordance with the EIA/TIA-232E specification.

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