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零件编号 : MAX17497A

功能 : (MAX17497A/B) AC-DC and DC-DC Peak-Current-Mode Converters with Integrated Step-Down Regulator

制造商 : Maxim Integrated

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MAX17497A datasheet




The MAX17497A/MAX17497B include both a current mode fixed-frequency flyback converter and a synchronous step-down regulator. They contain all the control
circuitry required to design wide input-voltage noniso lated power supplies to supply multiple output rails for smart meters, industrial control, and other similar applica
tions. The MAX17497A has its rising/falling undervoltage lockout (UVLO) thresholds optimized for universal offline (85V AC to 265V AC) applications, while the MAX17497B
supports undervoltage lockout (UVLO) thresholds suit able to low-voltage DC-DC applications. Both devices also include a 3.3V fixed-output synchronous step-down
regulator that delivers up to 600mA load current. The switching frequency of the MAX17497A flyback converter is 250kHz, while the MAX17497B flyback/ boost converter is 500kHz. The internally compensated synchronous step-down regulator switches at 1MHz on both versions. These frequencies allow the use of tiny magnetic and filter components resulting in compact, cost-effective power supplies. An EN/UVLO input allows the user to start the power supply precisely at the desired input voltage, while also functioning as an on/off pin. The OVI pin enables implementation of an input overvoltage protection scheme that ensures the converter shutsdown when the DC input voltage exceeds the desired maximum value.

Benefits and


♦Reduced Component Count and Board Space
 Flyback/Boost with Integrated Internally Compensated Step-Down Regulator
 No Current-Sense Resistor
 Space-Saving 16-Pin (3mm x 3mm) TQFN Package
♦ Minimal Radio Interference
 250kHz Switching in Offline Version Minimizes Interference with Radio Receivers
in Smart Meter Applications
♦ Reduced Inrush Current
 Programmable Flyback/Boost Soft-Start  Internal Digital Soft-Start for Step-Down
♦ Reduced Power Dissipation Under Fault
 Hiccup Mode Overcurrent Protection Thermal Shutdown with Hysteresis
♦ Robust Protection


 Flyback/Boost Programmable Current Limit Input Overvoltage Protection
♦ Optimized Loop Performance
 Programmable Slope Compensation for Flyback/Boost Maximizes Obtainable Phase
♦ High Efficiency
 Low RDSON, 150mI, 65V-Rated Internal nMOSFET
 3.3V Step-Down Regulator Efficiency Greater Than 90%
♦ Optional Spread Spectrum

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