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零件编号 : M4-192

功能 : High-performance E2CMOS in-system programmable logic, 5V Vcc, 192 macrocells, 96 I/Os, 10ns

制造商 : Lattice Semiconductor

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M4-192 datasheet


The ispMACH4A family from Lattice offers an exceptionally flexible architecture and delivers a superior Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD) solution of easy-to-use silicon products and software tools.

The overall benefits for users are a guaranteed and predictable CPLD solution, faster time-to-market, greater flexibility and lower cost. The ispMACH 4A devices offer densities ranging from 32 to 512 macrocells with 100% utilization and 100% pin-out retention. The ispMACH 4A families offer 5-V (M4A5-xxx) and 3.3-V (M4A3-xxx) operation.

ispMACH 4A products are 5-V or 3.3-V in-system programmable through the JTAG (IEEE Std. 1149.1) interface. JTAG boundary scan testing also allows product testability on automated test equipment for device connectivity.

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