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零件编号 : CR2500ING

功能 : Next-Generation Firewall for Large Enterprise Networks

制造商 : Unspecified

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CR2500ING datasheet


The mobilization of workforce has led to demand for anytime-anywhere access to network resources. This,along with increasing number of users like customers and partners connecting to an enterprise network from outside, and trends like rise in number of network users and devices, application explosion, virtualization, and more are leading to loss of security controls for enterprises over their networks.

Cyberoam Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) with Layer 8 Identity-based technology offer
actionable intelligence and controls to enterprises that allow complete security controls over L2-L8 for their future-ready security. Cyberoam’s Human Layer 8 acts like a standard
abstract layer that binds with real Layers 2-7, enabling organizations to regain lost security controls.

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