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零件编号 : BQ24153

功能 : Fully Integrated Switch-Mode One-Cell Li-Ion Charger With Full USB Compliance and USB-OTG Support

制造商 : Texas Instruments

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BQ24153 datasheet


The bq24153/6/8 is a compact, flexible,high-efficiency, USB-friendly switch-mode charge
management device for single-cell Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries used in a wide range of portable applications. The charge parameters can be programmed through an I2C interface. The IC integrates a synchronous PWM controller, power MOSFETs, input current sensing, high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, and charge termination, into a small WCSP package.

• Charge Faster than Linear Chargers
• High-Accuracy Voltage and Current Regulation
– Input Current Regulation Accuracy: ±5%(100 mA and 500 mA)
– Charge Voltage Regulation Accuracy:±0.5% (25°C), ±1% (0°C to 125°C)
– Charge Current Regulation Accuracy: ±5%
• Input Voltage Based Dynamic Power Management (VIN DPM)
• Bad adaptor detection and rejection
• Safety limit register for maximum charge voltage and current limiting
• High-Efficiency Mini-USB/AC Battery Charger for Single-Cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer Battery Packs
• 20-V Absolute Maximum Input Voltage Rating
• 9.0-V Maximum Operating Input Voltage-bq24156
• 6-V Maximum Operating Input Voltage-bq24153/8
• Built-In Input Current Sensing and Limiting
• Integrated Power FETs for Up To 1.5-A Charge Rate-bq24156, 1.25A-bq24153/8
• Programmable Charge Parameters through I2C™ Compatible Interface (up to 3.4 Mbps):
– Input Current Limit
– VIN DPM Threshold
– Fast-Charge/Termination Current
– Charge Regulation Voltage (3.5 V to 4.44 V)
– Low Charge Current Mode Enable/Disable
– Safety Timer with Reset Control
– Termination Enable/Disable

• Mobile and Smart Phones
• MP3 Players
• Handheld Devices

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